FlySense AoA Pro

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In aviation “speed = life”
should be read as “AoA = life”.
The single device that can save your day.
no external sensors required!
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FlySense AoA Pro offers in a single, affordable device, full EFIS, with dual band ADS-B in, and the unique feature Angle of Attack (AoA) with visual indication and aural warning using an internal buzzer.

FlySense AoA Pro connects to any device running Android 4.0/IOS 9.0 or higher. The user downloads a free app (EFIS TA), from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and then connects via WiFi or wired via USB to FlySense AoA Pro.

FlySense AoA Pro is a smartphone/tablet EFIS instrument with AHRS, in-flight reset recovery in any flight attitude and contains all the necessary sensors needed by EFIS TA for correct and reliable operation. The interface can be any smartphone or tablet, regardless of the native sensors and provides all the necessary data to convert your smartphone/tablet to a full glass cockpit. It also includes a dual-band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) ADS-B receiver for traffic and weather information.

FlySense AoA Pro is compatible with many navigation applications, such as Foreflight, SkyDemon, easyVFR etc. and it is fully integrated with HorizonYour Portable Glass Cockpit 3D Synthetic Vision and Navigation App.

Unique Aspects:

  1. Sensorless AoA with Visual Indication and Aural Warning.
  2. Exclusive wired (USB) power/data connection to the tablet/smart phone, for reliable operation.
  3. One-year free subscription to HORIZON-Your Portable Glass Cockpit( 3D Synthetic Vision and Navigation App.



  • Angle of Attack (AoA)
  • AoA aural warning with internal buzzer
  • AoA visual indication
  • Artificial Horizon (AHRS)
  • Pitot/Static indication of IAS, TAS, Altitude, Vertical speed
  • Dual band 978 MHz and 1090 MΗz ADS-B receiver for traffic and weather information
  • Ground speed (via GPS)
  • Altimeter (via Pitot/static or GPS)
  • Vertical speed (via Pitot/static or GPS)
  • Turn coordinator
  • Slip ball
  • Compass
  • True course indicator (via GPS)
  • Deviation from true track indication
  • Instrument Offline Indicator
  • Android/IOS wireless WiFi connection
  • Android/IOS wired USB connection via TalosAvionics USB data & power (charging) adaptor (included in the package)
  • Confirmed support of Android smartphones & tablets: Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Google, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, MLS
  • AHRS in-flight reset recovery in any flight attitude (NOT necessary to perform straight and level flight for AHRS recovery as other instruments need)
  • GPS output for driving any autopilot with serial NMEA-9600 input
  • Flight data recorder
  • Internal back-up battery


In the Box:

  • Pressure/airspeed sensors (connects to the pitot/static tubes of your airplane)
  • Barometric sensor for correct altitude indication
  • Outside Air Temperature sensor with external probe (included in the package)
  • 3-axes gyroscopes
  • 3-axes accelerometer
  • 3-axes magnetometer
  • GPS receiver with external antenna (antenna included)
  • Dual band 978 MHz and 1090 MHz ADS-B receiver (antenna included)
  • AoA Buzzer
  • One-year free subscription to HORIZON-Your Portable Glass Cockpit( 3D Synthetic Vision and Navigation App
  • Dimensions: L=5.6”, W=3.0”, H=1.9”
  • Weight=1.5 lbs

Power requirement: 12-30V, 0,6A