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PAWS (Reg.)

Parachute Activation Warning System

(Patent: WO 2023/187164 A1)

The FAA describes Loss of Control as:
“An unintended departure of an aircraft from controlled flight”

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and General Aviation (GA) community’s national #FLYSAFE campaign reported 1200 LOC accidents or incidents from 2008 till 2018.

From October 2016 through September 2017, 247 people died in 209 GA accidents. Loss of Control was the number one cause of these accidents.

Loss of Control happens in all phases of flight. It can happen anywhere and at any time.

EASA publishes a list of 113 articles related to Loss of Control and its deadly results.

More than 60.000 aircraft worldwide are equipped with an integral ballistic safety parachute (IBSP).

And still, each year, we see fatal GA accidents due to LOC but whereby the safety parachute device was not (or too late) activated.

Why is it this IBSP, that would probably have saved lives, is sometimes not triggered?

Sometimes the pilot is so busy trying to get out of the emergency situation or is in a frozen “target fixation” or “panic” state of mind, that he does not realize the urgency to activate the integral parachute.

This is the time where the totally independent PAWS, not connected to any of the aircraft’s preexisting systems, can come into play.

PAWS continually records and analyzes the aircraft movements and, through Artificial Intelligence methods, detects a Loss of Control situation of the aircraft.
In this case, PAWS warns the pilot of this dangerous state “LOC, LOC, LOC” and when the aircraft comes between a predetermined height band above the ground, it urges the pilot to activate the ballistic parachute by shouting: “pull parachute, pull parachute, pull parachute”.

If PAWS only saves one life, it warrants its installation in all aircraft equipped with an integral ballistic safety parachute.


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